Full Moon

The blistering summer sun
gives way to the night.
I can smell the honey suckle
and gardenia wafting in the night air.
The heavens open up and the stars
make their appearance.
The nightingale croons its’ song to me.
The crickets join the chorus.
The grass is cool beneath my feet
the hustle and bustle of the hot summer
day gives way to the heavens above.
I look up and the moon smiles at me.
By: Patricia K.Salamone





You were born in February in the late afternoon

just as the sun was setting.

You were now on the path to your future, but for

now my bundle of joy.

They placed you in a bassinet, a heat lamp keeping you warm.

You placed your hands behind your head and surveyed your new world.

All were amazed at your action and snapped photos of your feat.

You were on the path to your future, but for now my bundle of joy.

The first time I held you in my arms and close to my beating heart

I knew the love of a mother was instant from the start.

You had big brown eyes, long delicate fingers and a dark haired

widows peek.

You had the scent of a new born babe that made my heart fill with joy

and my eyes with tears of happiness.

You were on the road to your future, but for now my bundle of joy.

As you grew, and too quickly I might add, you made us proud and

happy to be your mom and dad.

You are curious, smart and athletic with a kind and gentle heart.

With big brown eyes, long and delicate fingers and a dark haired

widows peek.

You are on the path to your future, but for now my bundle of joy.


By: Patricia Salamone




I remember the exact moment when the first Air Liner crashed into the World Trade Center.

I was at work and Bob had a small TV on his desk and was watching the news. I was at my desk wiping down my computer and head set with alcohol, getting ready to start taking calls. I worked at AT&T in Florida. Suddenly I heard Bob say;

“Oh my God!”

I looked up and said;

“What?” as I walked over to his desk. Everyone gathered round Bob’s desk. We witnessed the next plane crash into Tower number two and at that moment the world changed.

The news casters reporting second by second and then a third plane crashed into the Pentagon. Fear gripped all of us. This can not be happening I thought. This is America. But, it did happen right here on our American soil.

With in minutes we were on lockdown. No one enters the building no one leaves. We were handling communications because New York’s were knocked out.

We were all given instructions on what was going on and what we had to do. I can not go into detail about that as it was classified. Every single person that worked in the building was doing one of the most important things they would ever do that day.

Those that did not work for AT&T were sent home. All the businesses in the area shut down. I don’t know what was going on outside our building but fear gripped me that day a fear that I had  never felt before. We all worked feverously around the clock. It was not the supervisors vs. craft  it was Americans doing what we do best. Working together side by side united as one for the good of all.

Food was sent in for all of us and we all worked long hours over the next couple of weeks. The company president sent us all an email thanking us and apologizing to us for the long hours we were putting in.

Later that day I started realizing that I had family that worked in that area of New York, mainly my brother. He worked for the cable company and was always at the World Trade Center among other places, but, was he there today? I tried to call but of course I couldn’t get through.

We and by we I mean every single American pulled together when this happened. It was the first time I bared witness to what UNITED STATES truly meant. Color, Race, Religion didn’t matter we were One Nation shoulder to shoulder and no one was going to take our Freedom away from us.

Our hearts break for the hero’s that gave their lives that day and for those family members that were left behind. They will never be forgotten, not by me, not by any single American, not by the World.

RIP,  Hero’s. We Will Never Forget You.


double rainbow

Double Rainbow

double rainbow

I never realized that a double rainbow was unusual but apparently it is. This was captured by me in Naro, Sicily when we were visiting our family. It was taken from the back patio of our cousins patio at between 5:30 and 6:00am. I am posting it especially for a blogger ‘Little Lord Dandelion Books.’ However I hope all who see this enjoy the view. :o)

Hope and Peace


In the wake of all that is going on, between the killing of human beings and an election that is pitting our united people, one against the other. This year promises to be quite a year. One that will or should make the History books, or the Comic books.

I am not a politician, but my government and this county is in trouble. Being born in 1943 I have seen some great men lead this country through some terrible times. I have lived through WWII, Korea, The Bay of Pigs, Viet Nam, The Gulf War and now the war on Terrorism.

I am an American, born right here on American soil. My Grand Parents on both sides came to this country to live free. They may not have been treated with kid gloves, but it didn’t matter. They were willing to work, pay taxes and were proud to become American Citizens. They learned English, studied to take the citizenship test and loved the American Flag. Their Sons enlisted in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, all serving with honor for America. Some were injured but made it home. They served our country with pride and dignity.

What is happening now makes me sad and scared. I used to feel safe but not any more. I often think, am I the only one who feel this way? It seems that the bottom line is all that matters these days. The following is something our decedents took to heart and I hope we still do.

“The men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels… his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American.”
Theodore Roosevelt
Address to the Knights of Columbus
New York City- October 12th, 1915

Our government is suppose to be BY the people and For the people. I think some have lost sight of this.

This is America, my America, and your America. Do not let the politicians talk you into a false sense of security. Let us make sure they are honest and hold them to the task.

I HOPE we can accomplish this, and then and only then we will have PEACE.




first love

FIRST TRUE LOVE By:Patricia Salamone

I hesitated to write about this. It was so many years ago, but lasted a life time. I was sixteen when I met him, (I will refer to him as L.J.) he was 13 years older than me. I was an operator and he called for information and did not know the correct name, I told him that I would call him back with the information if he would like. L.J. was friendly and funny. I liked his voice, it sounded sincere and he had a beautiful laugh. He gave me his number and made me promise to call him. I did.

I called him back with the information on my lunch hour. He thanked me and then started chatting with me. He was funny and sweet all at the same time. I also promised to call him back the next day. L.J. was older than me by 13 years. He told me he loved my voice and asked me questions about my family. He also asked me how old I was. I told him the truth. I would be seventeen the following month. He told me he was twenty nine. He owned a company in New York City. He was single and lived with his family. Mother, Father, Brothers and a Sister.

We spoke almost daily for over a year. I was falling in love with a voice on the telephone.

He finally asked me to come to his home for Sunday dinner. He assured my parents he was not a killer or a nut. He did have a disability. He was blind. My parents agreed to let me go for dinner. They liked him immediately. I had a wonderful time. His family treated me like they knew me forever. L.J. was kind, funny, handsome, smart, and understanding. I fell in love with his family almost instantly.

The first time I kissed him was the following year at a New Years Eve party at his home. I was so in love with him, but did not have the nerve to tell him. I thought he would reject me because of our age difference, and I was an eighteen year old girl with no life experience. He was a grown man, and very worldly. I thought he felt the same way but he never told me so.

At eighteen I started going out with my friends and meeting other guys. However I still called L.J. and he never refused to take my calls. Our relationship or friendship, I really didn’t know what it was. It went on for years. When I was twenty I met a young man that  I thought I fell in love with. I called L.J. to let him know. I thought he would tell me that he loved me, but no. I married the following year.

We kept in touch for many years. He was there when I went through my divorce. He called me all the time trying to comfort me. I had been married for about ten years and had two children.

He called me one day to tell me he was getting married. I was silent. He asked me if I was happy for him. I told him no. I also finally told him how much I loved him since I was a teenager. Now it was his turn to get quiet. He asked me why I didn’t tell him. I told him I thought he would make fun of me. I asked him why he didn’t tell me. He told me he thought I would make fun of him, especially since he was so much older and blind to boot. We both cried. I wished him well and we said good bye for the last time.

I never forgot him, his imprint was always in my heart. He was my first true love. That was over thirty years ago.

Last night for some reason I had a dream about L.J.. It was such a beautiful dream and I felt so much love in it. When I woke up I was puzzled why I dreamt about him. I thought about him all day. Something made me punch his name in the computer, and their it was, his Obituary. He had passed away. I cried, again my heart was broken. Yet I felt his presence, I felt him hug me and said I will always love you L.J. RIP.



By: Patricia Salamone

Washed upon the shore from far away,
or have you been resting here for many a day.
No matter where you come from you bring a story with you.

Did you come from deep below the sea,
or did you travel here from where I would like to be.
No matter where you come from you bring a story with you.

Did a small child pick you up and plop you here one day,
so another child can pick you up and take you off to play.
No matter where you come from you bring a story with you.

You feel so warm beneath my feet and smooth in my palm,
when I come here again you will probably be gone.
No matter where you come from you bring a story with you.

If I pick you up and take you home with me,
will you tell me your story or will your story be me.
No matter where you come from you bring a story with you


JULIA By: Patricia Salamone

Cathy dialed her sister’s phone number.

“Hello,” came June’s soft voice.

“Hi, it’s me.”

“Oh, hi Cathy, what's up?”

“Where’s mom June?”

“I don’t know.” she replied, “why?”

“ I called her and there’s no answer.”

“Cathy, I spoke to her a few days ago and she is fine. I am sure she is probably out shopping, or visiting with one of her friends.”

“I don’t know about that June, I called yesterday and she didn’t answer.”

“Did you leave her a voice mail.”

“Yes, but she didn’t call me back.”

“Cathy, give her a chance to get back to you. Mom is not a child, she’s a grown woman and free to do as she pleases.”

“Well, excuse me for worrying about our mother. She is almost eighty years old and anything can happen.”

“Cathy you are worse than mom and dad were with us, give it a rest. I am sure she will call you soon. I have to hang up, I’m due at the dentist in less than a half hour, don’t worry.”

“OK, but I hope she calls me today.” Cathy said. She hung up.

Julia was sitting at a table in Tavern on The Green restaurant in Central Park. The same restaurant she ate at once a month since her husband Hank had passed. As she sipped wine her thoughts trailed off. She was thinking about her encounter with him. Him, the unknown man with the haunting green eyes.

That was 48 years ago, she was a young woman of 29 then, but the memory was still vivid in her mind. It was on September 15, she had just left Tavern on The Green, it was a beautiful day and she decided to stroll in the park. Julia was soon to be married to Hank. The wedding was just three months away, a winter wedding. Her gown was a beautiful white satin ball gown. Her five bridesmaids would be dressed in red velvet gowns. Hank and the groomsmen would be wearing black tuxedos. The venue, cocktail hour, dinner, flowers, limo’s, photographer and cake were all taken care of. It was going to be a dream wedding. As she walked she thought about Hank. He was right for her. Tall, dark hair, brown eyes, soft spoken and was settled in his job, he was an accountant. They had much in common.

Julia had stopped and was leaning against a big Oak tree. She was deep in thought, and enjoying the warm sun on her skin. Her long auburn hair being blown by a gentle breeze. It was time for her to leave she had been in the park for almost two hours and wanted to get home before dark. She had to walk around the tree to get back on the walking path. Just as she came out from behind the tree a man that was running collided with her. She was deep in thought and didn’t see him coming. He tried to stop when he spotted her but he was running fast, the collision was unavoidable nearly knocking Julia down. He managed to grab her and stop her fall. Julia had been holding a dainty white handkerchief with a pink rose embroidered on it that her mother had given her. That was going to be her something old. It flew out of her hand upon collision. She let out a short scream and then a painful moan. He said. “Oh my God, I am so sorry, I didn’t see you until it was too late to stop! Are you alright miss?”

“Yes, yes, I am fine” she said, and as she looked at him it took her breath away. She was looking into the most beautiful intense green eyes she had ever seen, surrounded by thick dark lashes. It sent shivers through her whole body. Julia remembered him apologizing as she was trying to get her wits about her, but all she could do was stare into his eyes. She felt like he was looking into her soul. She got slightly light headed.

“I am fine, no harm done.” He flashed a smile and asked if she wanted to sit on a bench.

“No, no I have to catch a train home, but thank you.” All the time those eyes were burning an image into her heart. She turned and started to run toward the exit, as she left she heard him call to her.

Hey what’s your name?” She only half turned and said “Julia.” she heard him call back “I’m Matt.” He said something else but she was so flustered she didn’t catch what it was. By the time she exited the park her heart was pounding, but not from running. Stop it Julia she thought, why are you letting your emotions get the best of you. He is just a guy that ran into you by mistake. He’s probably married. She caught the train for downtown. She wanted to get to the safety of her apartment. Hank would be home soon and they were going out for dinner. As the train zipped along all Julia could think about were those eyes, they haunted her. Suddenly she remembered the handkerchief, he heart sank. She would go back to the park and look for it tomorrow she thought.

Julia and Hank lived in a two bedroom apartment in the East Village. They had dated for three years. Hank proposed on Christmas in the third year. Julia was over the moon, the ring was beautiful with a two carat emerald cut diamond. That was two years ago. Hank had been anxious to get married, but Julia wanted to wait. She wanted to make sure he was the one. They started planning the wedding almost a year ago and Julia was happy. Now she had a sick feeling about it.

She had just enough time to take a shower before Hank arrived home. When Hank walked in she flew into his arms. “Oh Hank I am so glad you are home.”

“Hey sweetie, what’s the matter?” Her heart skipped a beat and she answered.

“Nothing, I’m just glad to see you,” and gave him a long sensuous kiss. They made love and Julia tried to drown her thoughts in Hank’s passion.

“Another glass of wine Madam Julia?” the waiter asked, jolting Julia back to the present.

“Yes thank you, and I am ready to order.” The waiter brought her another glass of wine and her meal. Julia thanked him and opened the book she had brought with her. She always brought a book with her, but never really read it. She would eat her lunch and then take a walk on the foot path and sit on a bench for a few hours. Always waiting and hoping. It was fifteen years Julia thought. Maybe it’s about time to stop hoping, but something inside her wouldn’t let go. Julia stood up and walked toward the subway to catch her train home.

The telephone was ringing as Julia entered her apartment. She picked up the receiver. “Hello.”

“Hello Mom?”

“Oh hello darling, how are you?” Julia said.

“Where have you been? I am a nervous wreck. I thought something happened to you.”

“I am fine Cathy, I went out to lunch and took a walk in Central Park.”

“Mom, don’t you think it is a little too much taking the subway, especially with your health problems.” “Cathy, a pacemaker is so common, there’s no need to worry. I am fine.”

“Mom, I called you yesterday and you did not pick up, I left a message but you never returned my call. When I called you today and there was no answer I got worried.”

“I’m sorry Cathy, I meant to call you back yesterday, but I started doing something and I guess I forgot, anyway I am fine and there is no need to worry.”

“Well as long as you are alright, but please if I leave you a message call me right back, before you forget.”

“Alright dear I promise. How are my beautiful granddaughters doing?” Julia asked.

“They are both fine. When are you coming to visit them?”

“I thought maybe both you June and the family would like to come into the city and visit on Sunday. We could have dinner out and take the children to Rockefeller Center.”

“June and I thought we could all get together at my house, I could send Ralph to pick you up on Friday and you could stay for the weekend.” Cathy replied. Julia did not like going out to Long Island, but she said. “OK, Cathy, that would be lovely.”

“Great mom, I will see you Friday evening then. The girls will be thrilled!”

“Alright honey, see you on Friday, give the girls a big kiss from me.”

“Will do mom, Love you, bye.”

“Bye Cathy, love you too.” and hung up.

Cathy called June to let her know that their mother would be spending the weekend at her home in Huntington. She invited June and her family for Saturday dinner. She also told June she wanted to speak to her about something important.

“What is it Cathy? Is everything alright?”

“Yes, everything is fine here, but it’s mom. I think we should try and talk her into moving out of her apartment and into a retirement home here on Long Island. She is getting older and I worry about her being alone. If she moves closer to us I would feel better.” June was quiet for a few seconds. “June?” “I’m here” June answered.

“What do you think?”

“I think you are dreaming. Mom was born in Manhattan and has lived there all of her life. We were raised there in the same apartment that she still lives in. She doesn’t even like Long Island, and you think she will give up her place and move here?”

“She’s getting older and I worry about her. What if something happens to her. I would like to talk to her about this at dinner on Saturday, just back me up OK?” Cathy asked. June said she wouldn’t say anything against the idea, but told Cathy not to push too hard about it or she would interfere. The sisters hung up.

Julia sat at her dining room table sipping a cup of tea. She didn’t understand why she was looking for a man that she met once. She had married Hank. He was a good husband and father to her and the girls, and yet over the years those green eyes would haunt her. Now she looked forward to the fantasy of the green eyes. She knew she was in love with the man who looked at the world through them, and now was her chance to find him. She had never told anyone about her experience, but never forgot it.

Just an old lady’s fantasy she thought smiling. Maybe I should just give it up. I will probably never see him again, and even if I did what would I say? Hi I’m Julia, you bumped into me in Central Park almost fifty years ago, do you remember? Stop acting like a silly school girl Julia told herself. You are a grandmother with beautiful grandchildren, two good sons-in-law and two wonderful daughters. Hank was a good man, but never gave her that feeling that she felt in that instant when she looked into Matts eyes. She often wondered now if life would have been more exciting, more romantic, or possibly not as safe or comfortable as her life with Hank. At my age I am entitled to have a fantasy she thought, and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone I can hold on to mine. She often wanted to ask some of her friends if they had any special fantasies, but never did for fear of blurting out about Matt. She started writing about it a few times, but always discarded her writing’s in the trash for fear of someone finding and reading them.

Ralph called Julia on Friday. He was on his way to pick her up for the weekend. She was packed and ready to go. Her grandchildren were such a joy to her and she looked forward to spending some time with them.

She and Ralph chatted about his girls and Junes children. How they were growing up so fast, and what a joy they were to Julia. Ralph also mentioned it was too bad that she didn’t live closer so they could all see her more often. Julia felt a little pang of guilt. She loved living in the city, but she also loved her family. Now that Hank was gone there was really no reason for her to remain in the city, except for one thing. Those intense green eyes. She still hope to see them again one day, and get to know the man who made an imprint on her heart.

Ralph finally pulled into his driveway. Julie and Karen came running out to meet her. Hugs and kisses and bursts of excitement erupted from the girls, and Julia’s love for her grandchildren pored fourth. The girls and Ralph helped her with her luggage and the wrapped presents in the trunk.

“Oh gram, are these for us?” they asked in unison. Julia smiled.

“There is something here for both of you and for Jack and Judy, but you will have to wait until tomorrow when your cousins are here.”

“Gram please give us a hint.” Karen begged. Julia just smiled and said.

“No my darlings you will just have to wait, but if you can guess what it is I will let you open your gifts tonight.” Shouts of glee came from the girls and the guessing began. After several guesses Cathy told the girls to let Gram get settled in and have a cup of tea before they tried to guess again. Julia hugged her daughter and with a little giggle said, “they will never guess.”

“Mom, I hope you didn’t go overboard, they have enough toys.” Between Cathy and June the four children. The oldest Julie was fourteen, her sister Karen was going on thirteen. Jack was eleven and Judy was turning ten in a few months. Julia knew they all wanted an I pad, but their parents were holding back getting it for them. Julia had purchased four of them, but had them wrapped in different size large boxes so they would never guess what they were about to receive.

Hank would have loved the idea she thought. She also felt sad that Hank had passed before the grandchildren were born. Jack resembled Hank, with his soft brown eyes and gently manner. The girls were all giggles and drama just like their mother’s. She was thankful for such a wonderful family. She did think about moving closer to them all. She was not getting any younger and she might have to forget her silly obsession about finding Matt.

Cathy made a delicious dinner and afterward the board games came out and they played games until it was bedtime for the girls. They had tried to guess what their gifts were about fifty times, but each time the answer was no. The anticipation was building and Julia loved it. Finally the girls were off to bed and Julia and Cathy sat on the sofa to chat while Ralph made Martini’s, Julia’s favorite. They talked about Manhattan and how the girls worried about Julia living alone. Julia reassured Cathy and Ralph that she was fine.

“There are many elderly people living alone in Manhattan and I have plenty of friends around me. We get together a few times a week, and we are there for each other. There are plenty of places to visit, and restaurants galore. Transportation is wonderful. I have lived in Manhattan all of my life and I really don’t want to sell my apartment. One day you girls and your families will be happy to have a place in the city, and all paid for too.” They all laughed.

Ralph said, “Amen to that Julia.” Cathy shot him a look and he backed off. The rest of the evening went smoothly and soon they all turned in.

June had called and asked Cathy if it would be alright to come earlier as the children were excited to see gram. It seemed that Julie and Karen had called their cousins and told them about the gifts that their grandmother had brought with her.

Julia slept soundly and before she knew it there was a knock on her door. “Gram? Are you awake?” she heard Julie ask.

“I am now sweetheart. Come in.” In walked Julie with a tray containing a cup of tea, toast with raspberry jam and a glass of orange juice.

“Oh Julie, thank you so much you little darling. It looks delicious.”

“I made it myself gram, I know how much you like raspberry jam.” Julie replied with a smile.

“I love you gram.” she said.

“I love you too.” Julia said. They chatted about school and boys, and how exciting high school was.

The day started early. June her husband Mark and the children arrived just before lunch time. The children were crazy with excitement about opening their gifts. Finally Julia told them it was time to get their gifts. Each box had a name tag, and to make sure they each took the correct box. Everyone was waiting with anticipation including the adults. Julia would not tell anyone what she had brought for the children. The screech’s of delight that erupted from the living room made Julia smile.

“What on earth did you buy them mom?” asked June. She didn’t have to wait long to find out. The children came bounding into the kitchen all yelling at once.

“Gram bought us I pads!!! Thank you Gram you are the best!!!” They all kissed and hugged her and thanked her numerous times, as they danced around. They then disappeared down stairs to the play room to set up their I pads.

June, Cathy and the men sat at the table laughingly scolding Julia for buying such expensive gifts.

“Mom it isn’t Christmas, you could have waited, the holidays are just around the corner.” Cathy said.

“Grandma’s make every day Christmas.” Julia said with a smile.

“You spoil them mom.” June added lovingly.

“I guess they really liked them.” Julia said chuckling.

Cathy suggested that it was such a beautiful day and wondered if everyone would mind if she had a barbeque for dinner instead of eating inside. Everyone agreed, there would not be many more warm days before the chill of winter would make it’s presence known.

Ralph and Mark went out doors to clean off the deck and make it presentable for when dinner time rolled around. June and Cathy were left alone with their mother in the kitchen.

Cathy took the opportunity to start the conversation with her mother.

“Mom could I ask you something?”

“Of course dear, you can ask me anything.” She answered with a smile.

“OK then here goes. June and I were wondering if you would be interested in moving closer to us and the children. You could either rent or sell your apartment. We all would love to have you live closer to us so we could visit more often.” Julia was taken back a little, but tried not to look shocked.

“Why would I want to sell my home, I love living in the city. All my friends are there. My goodness I have lived there all of my life.”

 “I know mom, but you are getting up in age and we worry about you being alone. They have wonderful retirement villages on Long Island. I thought maybe you would like to visit a couple of them. Just to see what they are like. You would have your own little apartment and you can go and come as you please. They have all kinds of amenities and there are plenty of people your age that you would meet. We could come pick you up on weekends and you could visit with all of us more often. I know the children would love to see you more. Right June?”

 “Of course we all would love seeing you more mom.”

Julia’s mind was spinning, she did not want to hurt the girls feelings, they did make a good point about seeing the grandchildren more, but this was quite a shock to her. Julia did not think of herself as “old,” but apparently her daughters did. She didn’t want to blurt out an answer that would hurt their feelings, so she said.

“I don’t know about this. I know that you both worry about me, but I feel fine, really. I would have to think about this for a while. Why don’t we talk about it again after the holiday’s.”

Cathy was about to give more reasons, but June jumped in and said, “alright mom, you think about it for a while, and if you like we can have some brochures sent to you and you can read about them, OK?”

“That would be fine.” Julia answered. “And now I am going down to see how an I pad works.” She got up from the table and headed downstairs to the play room.

When June was sure she was down with the kids, she said to Cathy,

“Well, that went surprisingly good, but let’s not mention it again. Let mom think about it for a few weeks, and don’t badger her Cathy, because if you do she won’t even give it a thought.” Cathy promised, but she was happy the seed was planted, and hoped it would blossom.

Julia spent a few hours with the grandchildren trying to learn how to use the I pad. She did not own a computer, so learning how to use the I pad was impossible for her. Her grandchildren were all trying to help her at once and she found it very confusing. They had a great time and Julia made them laugh wildly whenever she would try to do something on the pad, and it would be totally wrong. She finally told them she was going back upstairs to make a cup of tea, “that I can do very well,” she said. Her grandchildren promised to help her again later.

Cathy and June were in the kitchen, preparing the food for dinner. They teased her about all the laughing from below and asked her if she was now an official I pad user. Julia just laughed and said,

“I think it is beyond me, I just got the knack of using a cell phone.”

“Which you never use anyway.” answered Cathy laughing.

“I am starting to use it.” Julia said smiling. “Now, can I help you girls with something, this is more my speed.”

“No mom, we have it under control, you just have your tea, and would you like a pastry with that?” June asked.

“I would love something sweet right now.” she answered.

The barbeque went beautifully, the time flew by and soon June, Mark and the children were getting ready to leave. Hugs, kisses and more thanks from the children, promise’s to see each other again soon, and off they went.

Julia helped Cathy and Ralph clean up and then they all went inside to have a Martini. Julia was leaving the next morning. Cathy wanted her to stay and said Ralph would drop her off on Monday and then head to work, but Julia said she would rather get home Sunday because there was less traffic.

The children were exhausted and went right to sleep. Cathy did not mention anything about the retirement home since that afternoon. Julia was grateful because she did not want to think about that right now.

The ride home was pleasant there was barely any traffic and Ralph kept the conversation light.

He made sure Julia was safe inside her apartment, and headed home.

Julia unpacked and made herself a cup of tea. As she sat drinking the tea she thought about the conversation she had with her daughters. I am getting up in age she thought, but I don’t feel like I need any help. I love my home, and my friends. I have plenty of activities to keep me busy and more restaurants than I will ever be able to eat at. Julia loved visiting the art galleries, and museums. Central Park and Rockefeller Center, the RCA building, she even still liked to go atop the Empire State building and spend a few hours on the observation deck. She would have none of that living in a retirement home on Long Island.

The telephone rang and her thoughts were put aside. It was Trudy, they had been friends for years. Trudy wanted to have dinner at Luna’s Italian restaurant and she invited Julia to join her. They set a time and would meet in front of Luna’s at seven that evening. Trudy was good company. She was about the same age as Julia, but she was a happy go lucky gal and had an antidote for every problem. While they were eating Julia told Trudy about her daughters wanting her to move into a retirement village on Long Island.

“Why? You are very capable of taking care of yourself, why would you want to sit around making jewelry and play bingo and cards all day?

” I wouldn’t.” Julia said.”

“Did you change your will and decide to leave everything to a young man, do you have a lover?”

“Heavens no Julia laughed, I do not have a young lover and even if I did I wouldn’t leave anything to him. I would just use him for sex.”

The two had a good laugh and Julia’s spirits were lifted. She forgot about retirement homes, and they both ordered another glass of wine.

Over the next few weeks, the weather changed to winter. Julia would think about moving every once in a while, but she still had lunch at Tavern on the Green every month, unless it snowed, and still hoped one day she would see Matt.

Thanksgiving day the family came into the city and they had a wonderful dinner at Julia’s favorite restaurant Peacock Alley in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Dinner was delicious and after they went to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree. The children loved it they went ice skating while the adults sat and watched drinking hot chocolate. Cathy did ask Julia if she had given any thought to what they had discussed about the retirement home. Julia said she was considering it and would let them know soon. They did not speak about it again, and Julia just enjoyed watching the skaters.

Julia had been considering her options, but the thought of not being able to possibly find Matt was a haunting thought for her. She could not understand why the need was so overpowering. Maybe it is just a pipe dream, or an excuse to not leave the city. The thought of seeing her family almost every week and spending more time with the grandchildren was also very tempting. She did not want to think about it any more that day. She decided to go Christmas shopping.

Julia took the subway to thirty fourth street, and went into Macy’s. She loved the decorations and the holiday music that was playing. When she was done shopping Julia decided to stop in a little cafe to grab a bite to eat. It was getting dark and she had no lunch that day, she was famished.

The cafe was busy but she managed to get a table. It was small but nicely decorated with white tablecloths on each table. Julia’s table was near the hostess station so she could see the customers that entered, but she could also see out the window. All the stores window’s and light poles were beautifully decorated.

She was looking out the window not really paying attention to the customers entering. A gentleman apparently came in but he was told there would be a wait. He was asking the hostess how long the wait would be, when Julia glanced in his direction, she was shocked! It was him, it was Matt, she’d know those eyes anywhere. Her heart started beating and that light headed feeling came over her.

The hostess advised him it would be about a twenty minute wait. He smiled and said “that’s fine, I’ll wait.” The hostess asked for his name, his answer was “Matt.” Julia stood up and started walking toward him. He noticed her and smiled. She didn’t know what came over her, but she was walking right up to him. Now she was right in front of him, she was sure it was him.

She blurted out, “excuse me but I overheard you say your name is Matt.”

“Yes.” he smiled.

“I know you don’t remember me but we met many years ago.” His beautiful green eyes still had the dark lashes, he was older and had gray hair, but his smile was still the same. He looked at her and said, “Yes I remember you, you haven’t changed much, I could never forget such beautiful blue eyes. I have something that belongs to you.”

Really?” Julia asked.

“Yes.” he answered.

“Would you like to share my table, I am dining alone.”

“I would love to join you, thank you.” The hostess smiled and they went to Julia’s table. As he took off his coat to hang it up he slipped his hand in his coat pocket and took something out. He sat down opposite Julia and handed her a small white handkerchief with a pink rose embroidered on it.

“I believe this belongs to you Julia.” he said. Julia’s heart was pounding the excitement she felt was overwhelming.

“This is the handkerchief my mother gave me many years ago.” she said staring into his beautiful green eyes.

“I was hoping we would meet again, I went back to the park many times looking for you.” Matt said. Then he said. “I am surprised you remembered my name.”

Julia smiled. I have a lot to tell you Matt.”

“And I you Julia.”

They ordered dinner and wine and sat for hours. Filling in the time gap. His wife had passed away many years ago, but they never had any children. Julia told him about that day in Central Park, and about Hank and her family. How she never forgot him and went to the park once a month hoping to see him again. She felt like she knew him all of her life.

He smiled and said “I feel the same way, but I knew one day we would meet again, and this time I am not letting you get away.” He lifted her hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

Julia answered. “I am not going anywhere.” and smiled.

A quick Read


This book has over 50 short stories. I am honored to have my story “Getting Old” included along with all the wonderful offerings from talented authors. The book was compiled by C.A. Simonson. I am humbled to be among the chosen authors. It can be purchased at I thoroughly enjoyed reading every story. Each story takes less than 2 to 3 minutes and all are excellent. The book was well put together with much care. Happy reading, and thank you.A quick Read